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Tibetan singing bowls produce sound waves that are perfectly harmonized and in tune with our body, mind, and spirit. They create vibrations that our bodies hear and feel at the same time, resonating through every part of our being. They are an essential accompaniment for meditation, yoga, healing, and simply for relaxation.

Even when they aren’t singing, these bowls are a beautiful addition to a room, studio, or healing space. Their appealing size and curvature creates a deeper sense of relaxation just by looking at them, and they evoke a mood that is at once natural and peaceful, and exotic and exciting.

Whether your goal is to make a singing bowl a part of a more mindful lifestyle, find a beautiful and treasured gift, or just enjoy the musicality and charm of these bowls, here are the best Tibetan singing bowls for you to consider.

Ohm Store Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

This Tibetan Singing Bowl set from the Ohm Store was made in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains by Nepalese artisans, and is designed to awaken your senses and deepen your experience of the present moment. The bowl is 3.5 inches, made of brass with a decorative hammered pattern, and sings beautifully despite its small size. It’s a great size for portability and travel. It comes with a wooden striker and a hand sewn cushion. The Ohm Store backs this singing bowl with a lifetime guarantee.


  • Compact size fits in the palm of your hand, and is perfect for travel
  • Sings beautifully despite the size
  • Comes with a wooden striker and hand-sewn cushion
  • Handmade in Nepal


  • These bowls aren’t tuned to a particular note, so everyone’s bowl sings a bit differently. Most seem to sing in D
  • The striker is unfinished, and the wood sometimes has issues with its condition; so be sure to inspect it for mold

Silent Mind Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

The Silent Mind Tibetan Singing Bowl set has a deep brown and brass antique design inspired by ancient wisdom. It is made of heavy, resonant metals and, at 4 inches, sized to sit perfectly in the palm of your hand. These bowls aren’t tuned to any particular frequency, but produce an excellent, clear, long-lasting tone.

Every bowl is hand-selected, checked for defects, and tested for sound quality before shipping. The set comes with an easy-play leather pencil-grip striker for easy striking or singing with either end. It also comes with a beautiful hand-sewn non-dampening pillow. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Lovely resonant singing in a small bowl
  • Traditional design
  • Includes a pencil grip striker
  • Includes a hand-sewn non-dampening pillow
  • Makes an excellent gift


  • Paint on outer rim can have a rough surface that may impede singing
  • Not tuned to a particular frequency, so you can’t choose ahead of time which chakra to activate with this bowl

Reehut Tibetan Meditation Yoga Singing Bowl

The Reehut Tibetan Meditation Yoga Singing Bowl Set is made of the traditional 7 metals of a singing bowl, and is hand hammered by Nepalese artisans in the foothills of the Himalayas. The hand hammering creates a beautiful, harmonious pattern, inside and out.

Hand hammering also makes every bowl unique, both in appearance and in tone. It is 4 inches in diameter and approximately 2 inches tall, sitting perfectly in the palm of your hand or on the included cushion. It comes with a wooden striker and a hand-sewn silk cushion.


  • Compact and portable
  • Made of 7 high-quality metals
  • Hand hammered by Nepalese artisans, so every bowl is slightly different
  • Produces clear, resonant singing
  • Comes with a striker and a hand-sewn, silk cushion


  • While the seller mentions the heart chakra, these bowls aren’t tuned to a specific frequency, so you won’t know ahead of time what the tone will be.

Tuning a Singing Bowl

Because these bowls aren’t made for a specific resonance, and because every handmade bowl has unique acoustic properties, you may want to “tune” your bowl for a specific frequency in your practice.

Singing bowls made of crystal tend to produce pure sine waves, while singing bowls made of metal produce layered frequencies that are amplified by the bowl’s harmonic and resonant properties. In fact, even the same bowl produces many different, layered tones depending on the way it is played and how the sound decays. Any specific measurement is only a snapshot of a waveform that is in motion.

Generally speaking, the bowl’s lowest tone is determined by the diameter of the bowl and the density of its metal, so you can’t get a bowl to sing at a lower frequency. However, adding a small amount of distilled water will change the resonant chamber and the slope of the bowl’s walls, altering its frequency and harmonics; by adding water, you can tune a bowl to a higher note.

If you want to permanently change the tone of a bowl after it’s made, that can only be done by removing metal. You could sand down the rim to produce a higher note. Ancient artisans tuned bowls by adding hatch marks to the walls, removing tiny increments of metal at a time. And keep in mind that, over many years of use, the rim of a singing bowl will naturally smooth and the tone will change accordingly.

Final Thoughts

A Tibetan singing bowl is a wonderful way to augment your meditation and yoga, or simply to help you live a more conscious life and center yourself in the present moment. These Tibetan singing bowls are excellent quality, and produce clear, resonant, beautiful singing in a compact size.

They are ideal for ensuring that you can maintain your mindfulness practice at home, at work, or during travel, and they also make beautiful, thoughtful gifts. They are beautiful, useful, and a pleasure to own.

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