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How to Play a Tibetan Singing Bowl

A Tibetan singing bowl is a beautiful and unique instrument that has become more well known in recent years as clean healing, mindfulness, and the power of sound inflate in popularity. Learning how to play a Tibetan singing bowl gives you the power to harness this knowledge. Same as with learning any other kind of […]

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How to Use a Tibetan Singing Bowl: The Absolute Basics

If you are new to the world of Tibetan singing bowls or simply have never tried to use one before, then you may be at a loss about where you should begin with this unique instrument. While the healing powers of the singing bowl are soothing, you can become stressed trying to figure out how […]

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Best Tibetan Singing Bowl

Tibetan singing bowls produce sound waves that are perfectly harmonized and in tune with our body, mind, and spirit. They create vibrations that our bodies hear and feel at the same time, resonating through every part of our being. They are an essential accompaniment for meditation, yoga, healing, and simply for relaxation. Even when they […]

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What is a Tibetan Singing Bowl?

Tibetan singing bowls are an increasingly important part of mediation, yoga, and mindfulness practices in the West, prized for their ability to promote calm, focus, and centeredness in the player or listener. Tibetan singing bowls are aesthetically beautiful, often able to create a soothing sense of calm just by looking at them. But the origins […]

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