How Does White Noise Work: Its Contributions to a Restful Sleep

Some people have a difficult time sleeping at night; in fact, they may wake up throughout the night over and over again. Unfortunately, this is a problem that can lead to a number of different health and social concerns, especially because people need the appropriate amount of rest for their bodies to regenerate properly, lose weight, deal with problems during the day effectively, and the like.

That being said, there are some natural remedies that people can turn to during these times, and one of which that has been used for many years is called white noise.

What Is White Noise?

According to Webster’s Dictionary, white noise can be described as a “heterogeneous mixture of sound waves that is extended over a wide frequency range.” Musicians may explain it as a mixture of sounds that contain both high and low pitches as well as everything in between.

These are sounds that are constant and repetitive and that can be quite soothing to the ear. Typically, with this combination of sounds, it tends to drown out virtually any other sounds completely.

For those who may be interested in finding out what kinds of sounds can be classified as white noise, here are a few basic examples that can be heard today.

  • Some of the more commonly known are those that are created by TV static, vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, fans, and humidifiers.
  • In addition to sounds created by TVs and other electronic gadgets, soothing sounds that come from raindrops that fall outside, waves along a beach, and even thunderstorms are also considered as white noise.


There are many different benefits to using white noise to sleep, and many people who have used and are using it can attest to such through their experiences. Some of the most common include:

  • Helps people to fall asleep faster
  • Promotes longer sleeps without waking before time to rise
  • Helps individuals rest better and wake up feeling more rejuvenated
  • Can aid in eliminating the need to use unnatural sleeping aids

How Does White Noise Work?

The science behind the white noise and how it works is relatively simple in concept. White noise is created from different frequencies, so the brain has a difficult time picking them out. Therefore, they tend to drown out most other sounds that go on around a person who is trying to rest.

Similar to the rest that a baby gets, white noise will help you to sleep as sound and as peaceful as a baby does. In some situations, experts may liken it to womb sounds. For example, the baby sleeps soundly to the beat of the heart, flow of the blood, muffled sounds of their mother’s voice, and breathing—all of which are considered to be comforting to the baby that hears it.

Another thing that can indirectly answer how does white noise work is related to the constant and steady noise that it generates. Since there is a wide diversity of noises, such as people loudly talking in the home, someone doing the dishes, and music playing, that people hear during the night, it is difficult for them to sleep without disruption. With the white noise’s constancy and steadiness, these unexpected noises can be drowned out by the white noise.


Falling asleep at night and resting well is more difficult for some people than others, so they may need some kind of help to get the appropriate amount of rest at night. Fortunately, there is an all-natural aid, and it involves the use of white noise-producing machines.

After learning how white noise works, we can say that it is really an excellent aid for getting uninterrupted sleep and has many great benefits. Specifically, since it eliminates a number of different things, such as background noises and simple sounds of nature and outdoor elements, you will find yourself relaxing and falling asleep as your brain filters out other sounds that are distracting.

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