How to Keep a Water Fountain Clean: A Simple and Effective Guide

A water fountain can help add to the overall look of the interior or exterior of your home. However, to succeed in achieving that, you must learn how to keep a water fountain clean as well as the frequency of cleaning it.

How Often Should the Fountain Be Cleaned?

The general recommendation is that you should clean your fountain either once a month or once every two months. The exact frequency though will depend on the size of the fountain that you own.

Obviously, a smaller fountain or a countertop fountain does not have to be cleaned as regularly as a larger one since they hold less water. Hence, a once-a-month cleaning is recommended. It will help keep the water inside the fountain clear and the pump clean, as well as will also help reduce the number of algae and white scale that can build up around the fountain.

If you happen to have a floor-standing fountain or a larger one on a wall, these can generally be cleaned once every other month. By keeping up to date with your cleaning, you are going to increase the longevity of your fountain.

How to Keep a Water Fountain Clean?

The first thing you must do to start the cleaning process is to turn off the fountain. In many cases, this requires you to unplug it, and then follow the following steps:

1. Clean the Stones

You should take out any stones in the fountain, and then scrub and clean them to remove algae as well prevent any algae from building up quickly. Once the stones are clean and separated for drying, we recommend dismantling your fountain, as you need to get the pump out as this is going to be the next thing you need to focus on.

2. Clean the Pump

It is very important to keep the pump clean as it is the only thing keeping your fountain working. It also is what is going to filter the water, so if the pump is dirty, the entire filtering process won’t push through.

We recommend cleaning the pump in the sink, and you should remove the area where the propeller is, which is usually found on the back or the side of the pump. In order to give the pump a vigorous clean, get a toothbrush and scrub all the small areas of the pump, including the holes. This will clean out the debris built up over time.

Once all the debris is removed, you can close it up but before hooking it back up to the fountain, we also recommend that you clean the tubing that connects the pump to the fountain. To do so, run a strong stream of water through it to flush out anything sticking to it—this prevents any unwanted blockages in the pump.

3. Clean the Fountain’s Basin and Body

The first thing you need to do is remove all the water in the basin. You can either choose to clean your fountain in the sink, but if it is an outdoor fountain that is too large, use a bucket of water.

To clean it, use a mild soap or a product, such as CLR, that is great for removing any build-up of algae and debris. Continue to wipe and scrub the fountain basin and body until all of the algae have been removed and it looks good as new.

Once complete, make sure you rinse out any soap and wipe it dry using a clean rag. If you have a copper fountain, it is recommended that you wipe it with furniture polish whenever you can so that it looks even cleaner.

Final Words

In order to make cleaning a lot easier, we recommend putting hard water mineral deposits right into your fountain, which is going to reduce any unwanted build up. By keeping up with your cleaning process and following the proper steps on how to keep a water fountain clean, you will find that it goes by a lot faster each time you do it!

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