MindPlace Kasina Mind Media System Review

Learning how to manage stress is very important to your health. Therefore, if you are exposed under a lot of stress daily, a mind machine may be a useful way to reduce your stress levels. Being able to focus or concentrate on important tasks is also one reason to avoid or reduce stress. And, many mind machines can help you do just that.

If you’re already familiar with mind machines, you may have a basic understanding of how they work and what they do. You also may have gone ahead and begun your search for the best mind machine. As you keep reading this article, you’ll find out more about an amazing mind machine on the market today—the MindPlace Kasina Mind Media System.

About MindPlace

The brand Mindplace has quickly become one of the top manufacturers of quality mind machines. They are known for using premium materials in the design and manufacturing of their products as well as the high-performing devices that they make.

This article will focus on just one of these devices—the Mindplace Kasina Mind Media System. After reading, we hope you’ll learn a whole lot about it as well as be able to determine if it will be the perfect meditation aid for you.

Mindplace Kasina Mind Media System

There are two parts to this Kasina system—the eyewear component and the entertainment system that it connects to. Even though you have to rely on a wired connection that connects both devices, the stunning and captivating sounds that you’ll experience are more than worth the hassle.


  • Stimulating AV Experience

The Mindplace Kasina Mind Media System offers one of the most stimulating audio and visual experiences that you’ll find in a mind machine. You can use it to play a wide variety of sounds and music, which, in turn, will help you reduce stress, enhance your mood, and even improve your focus.

  • Convenience

This bundle is a very easy-to-use system, and you can use it straight out of the box. All you have to do is plug the system in, make the selections you prefer, and you’re good to go!

  • Simple yet Functional Design

The system has a backlit LCD display, and the lithium batteries built into the device are rechargeable. Hence, you won’t have to worry about the additional expense of replacing worn-out batteries. It can even be used as a USB device in case you want to plug it into a laptop or other device.

The strobe detector attached to the audio component of the device is also one of the best on the market. It comes with 16 different color-mapping presets and you can use the color organ feature to match your audio with the light show produced by the system.

  • Large Storage Capacity

One of the best features of the system, however, is the inclusion of an 8GB microSD card, which is already programmed with more than 50 audio and visual stimulating programs.

Plus, there’s a free editor on the memory card so you can customize the audio or visual settings of the entertainment system to your preferences.

  • Pre-programmed Content

This mind machine comes with pre-programmed content that can be used to set the tone for many different situations. The lights and audio content are often in sync, allowing them to work together to provide the stimulation that is desired and needed by many.

  • Compatibility

Another thing that is rather unique to this system is that there are other mind machines that are compatible with it. So, if you do need a new pair of glasses, you can purchase them without having to replace the entire system.

  • Awesome Glasses

The pair of glasses it comes with has six colored LED lights per eye, which are light up based on the mood of the audio being played.


  • Wide variety of pre-programmed audio-visual presets
  • No need to search for your own music/sounds
  • Enhanced visual stimulation provided by the strobing lights
  • Customizable music and sounds
  • Able to hold several sound files
  • The LCD display is very easy to see and read
  • Very stylish and modern glasses, which are designed to fit snugly
  • Small, Compact, and travel-friendly built
  • Compatible with both Apple and Windows systems


  • Very expensive to purchase for some
  • Only available in the color
  • The glasses aren’t connected wirelessly, so you may encounter tangled wires


The Mindplace Kasina Mind Media System is widely known as one of the best mind machines on the market. With capabilities that many other similar machines lack, this device is truly in a league of its own.

Sure, it’s expensive to purchase, but, if you want to have the ultimate meditation experience, even while you’re on the go, this Kasina Mind Media System is worth trying. With all the many positive reviews that this product has received, the high-quality build of the system, the warranty you’ll receive, and the ability to customize settings based on your preference, this device really does seem to be worth the price.

With so many sounds and visuals already programmed into the system, you won’t have to spend time searching for audio files to match the meditative effect that you seek. If you want to ensure that you’ll not just be receiving a sham of a product rather than a mind machine that’s been proven effective, we definitely recommend that you try this device.

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