Muse: The Brain Sensing Headband Review

Meditating when you’re stressed out is not always the easiest of tasks, but what if you could use a device to help you meditate? Wouldn’t that be great?

There are a lot of devices that make claims of being able to enhance meditation or positively affect how your brain works. Just like almost any other product that exists, there are some that don’t work while there are others that do a good job at bringing your mind to a very calm and meditative state. With that said, finding one that is just right for you can be a heck of a challenge.

It’s a good thing then that you’ve come across this article. Today, we’ll look at one of the most amazing mind machines on the market, theMuse: The Brain Sensing Headband. It is a mind machine that has been designed to promote many healthy brain functions such as improving focus, concentration, and lots more.

Muse: The Brain-Sensing Headband

If you’re considering the Muse: The Brain-Sensing Headband, then there are two color options that you can choose from. It is sold in white and black, and you’ll have to decide whether you’d like it with or without the carrying case.

Of course, if you purchase it with the carrying case, it will be a bit more expensive than if you would without. If you don’t buy the carrying case and you decide to travel with it though, you may still end up spending a few extra bucks to get a case for it.

The device itself is quite simple. It is mostly referred to as a meditation machine because it has been shown to improve deep meditation and helps to calm the brain to produce a more relaxed vibe. This is because of the many sounds that you can listen to while using the device.

Unlike many mind machines or meditation aids, the Muse headband is worn a bit differently. Instead of normal headphones or even regular-looking eyewear, it wraps around your forehead, extending to the back of your head.

On this device, there are several calibrated sensors—seven, in total, actually. Two of them will be placed on your forehead, one behind each ear, and then three reference sensors. All these sensors are used to detect as well as measure your brain activity. With this, it can produce sounds that will guarantee the effects that you desire.

In order to use the Muse effectively, you’ll have to download and install the corresponding app. In fact, most of the control that you’ll have over the device will be done through the app. You can even create multiple accounts on the app so several persons can use the device at different times.

Once the app is completely set up, you’ll realize that you don’t need a live internet connection to operate the device. However, you will have cords to contend with as the device does not wirelessly connect to your smartphone or tablet.

There are several great sounds that are already programmed into the Muse system, and whether you use Apple, Windows, or an Android operating system, you should be able to use this device with ease. Lastly, and perhaps the best thing about this product, is the fact that you won’t have to break the bank to buy it.


  • Several persons can create an individual profile to use the same headband
  • Can play music that will cater to your specific state of mind
  • Made from good-quality materials
  • Should be able to last for a very long time
  • Comes with a very good warranty that covers many types of damage
  • Very lightweight and not very bulky
  • A user manual is included in the package


  • Not sold with headphones so you’ll have to source them elsewhere
  • No way to personalize the music or sounds

Summary of the Features

When compared to many other meditation aids on the market today, the Muse: The Brain-Sensing Headband certainly comes out far ahead of many others. One of the things that truly stands out about it is its unique design and the mechanism behind its operation.

Being able to detect your brain’s function and respond accordingly is a truly unique feature of this meditation aid. What’s more is that it is not as expensive as most other products on the market that offer the same.

If you want a product that you don’t have to program or download music into, then this may be the perfect fit for you. It seems particularly helpful for people who get distracted or stressed easily and may need a reminder to focus or relax a bit more.


With the many perks of this device, it’s definitely worth taking into consideration. The price seems right, there are many users that attest to its usefulness, and it’s very portable so you can take it just about wherever you like. It’s a great idea to put it on your list of options.

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