Types of Sound Therapy Machines to Help You Sleep

Most experts advocate the idea that you should sleep in a dark and quiet room to get the best amount of sleep possible. However, this may not be the case for everyone, as people are not wired the same.

There are some of us who find it difficult to sleep in deathly silence, and thus need some sound to help them fall asleep. This may call for the necessity of leaving the TV on or playing music to get them through the night.

Then again, all of these may not be necessary if you get a sound machine to hum you into a deep sleep. If silence keeps you awake all night long, here are several sound therapy machine options for you.

1. Marpac TSC 330

If you travel quite often, then investing in the right machine to ensure you are getting sufficient sleep can be a challenge. Lucky for you, this is where the Marpac TSC 330 comes to play. With its small compact size, you can easily grab one of these machines and pack it into your overnight bag.

This travel sound conditioner is ideal for creating an ambient range of white sounds, such as the gushing sound of a waterfall, the relaxing sound that raindrops make as they hit a metal roof, or the calm hum of the ocean waves.

Weighing no more than a pound, this machine is lightweight. Nevertheless, it is still one of the most preferred sound therapy machines that you can rely on for a good night’s sleep.

2. Conair SU1W

The Conair SU1W sound therapy machine comes in the color silver and sports a simple yet functional design. It is one of the best options to go for if you are looking for the right sound at the right price.

With your convenience in mind, this machine is designed to run on a battery or an adapter, whichever one you prefer. It offers up to 10 soothing sounds that will guarantee you a comfortable sleep.

3. Marpac Sleepmate Sound Conditioner

Another remarkable sleep therapy machine from Marpac, the Sleepmate Sound Conditioner helps you create a soothing environment conducive for sleep no matter your surroundings. It is an electro-mechanical device that produces white noise at just the right tone and pitch, which you can always adjust to your preference.

This machine requires no batteries as it runs on normal household current. It comes with a price that is more than reasonable for the excellent performance that it offers.

4. Ecotones Sound Machine

If you are looking for natural sounds to create an environment conducive enough to get you to fall asleep in minutes, then the Ecotones Sound Machine has got you covered. This sound and sleep machine goes beyond the 10 available sounds to offer adaptive sound tech, which works by listening and reacting to the environment in which you are sleeping.

This sound machine comes equipped with three distinct settings that you can use to adjust the level of the sound you need. What’s more is that it also comes with a sleep timer for automatic shut-off, making it easier to operate in case you are not used to switching it off every morning.

5. HoMedics Spa Sound Machine

This machine offers as many as six natural sounds, which include the songs of the ocean, the rainforest, heartbeat, rain, and waterfall. It also comes with an automatic shut-off timer and can run either on a battery or an adapter.

The HoMedics Spa Sound Machine is the machine to go for if you are looking for a diversity of functions combined with a stellar performance. The best thing about this sound relaxation device is that it is amazingly budget-friendly, yet packs enough power to help you achieve good-quality sleep in the right amount that your body needs.


Getting the right amount of sleep is not only necessary for relaxing the mind and body, but also comes with significant health benefits. This just means that you have to do anything in your power to ensure that you get enough sleep every night.

If the environment you are in is not conducive enough to allow you to sleep soundly, or if you are just naturally unable to sleep in a quiet environment, a sound therapy machine can come to your rescue.

With the right sound therapy machine, you need not leave your TV on overnight again, as this will only interfere with your melatonin levels and disrupt your bodily functions. Moreover, you also do not have to stay awake until morning for lack of sleep during the dead silence of the night.

What you can do now is invest in a good sound therapy device, and you’re guaranteed to get just the right amount and quality of sleep that you need. After all, the market offers a wide range of options for you to choose one that suits your preferences.

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