Wave Premium Sleep Therapy Sound Machine Review

When it comes to sound therapy, everyone wants only the best. That is why this sound machine is built to produce only the highest quality of sound.

It even comes with additional features such as a USB charger to enable you to charge your devices as you recharge yourself with the soothing sounds. Going to sleep has never been as easy as with this sleeping aid device. You can now wake up more energized and more refreshed.


  • Safe and natural
  • High-quality sounds
  • Energy efficient, Optional automatic shut off
  • USB charger
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Chrome stand


If you are having some difficulty with your sleep and want something safe and natural instead of having to take sleeping medication, the Wave Premium Sleep Therapy Sound Machine might be of help. It is super safe and so natural that you can even use it to help babies fall asleep and stay asleep better throughout an entire natural sleep cycle.

The better sleep and more restful hours spent with minimal awakenings can effectively help you definitely sleep better and longer than ever before. That is because this sound machine lays only the best quality of sounds with six available nature identical options that loops consistently and so seamlessly without any audible breaks that might disrupt your sleep and cause you to wake unnecessarily.

You can be assured of only the best sound quality with this product and therefore only the best results for you or your baby.

For greater energy efficiency, especially if you are conscious of your electricity bill, this product comes with an optional automatic shut off in case you don’t want it to loop all night long. The timer has the option of fifteen, thirty, and sixty minutes before it automatically shuts off.

This means it will shut off if you doze off and can’t be bothered switching it off in the middle of the night, as this would disrupt your peaceful slumber. To give you an additional benefit aside from a restful night’s sleep, this product comes with a built-in USB charger that you can charge your handheld devices with, like your phones, tablets, and cameras.

You can carry the Wave Premium Sleep Therapy Sound Machine anywhere with you; at work, while traveling, or while on vacation, to make sure that you are always well rested and well-focused even while on the go.

The portable size and light weight also ensure that no matter how small the space is on your nightstand, it can easily fit without any hassle. It is in fact small enough to fit comfortably in your suitcase for when you need to bring it along, or if you just feel like you might need it in the office to help you cope with the ton of paperwork piled up for the day.

It has been shown that white noise actually helps people become more focused on their tasks since it has the ability to drown out any external distractions that might disrupt the work process.

The six soothing sounds available in this device— white noise, ocean, fan, summer, night, and rain—come compact in a stylish machine that is fitted with a removable chrome stand that also keeps the USB cable and the power cord neat and tidy.

This means you do not have to deal with a tangled mess on your bedside table. For your utmost confidence, the product is backed by an industry-leading 5-year warranty.


There have been quite a few complaints about how audible the loop is with this device. This may not sit well with people who are particularly sensitive to their white noise. The audible pause in the loop may create a discontinuation and thus may allow other external distractions to interfere with the sleep cycle, especially if you are sleeping in a loud area.

While the continuous sound may still be able to drown out the sounds from the environment, having that few seconds of break may allow external noise to come in and thus cause you to awaken.


If you are not particularly concerned about the looping incidences, Wave Premium Sleep Therapy Sound Machine may pass for you, especially considering that it is far below the fifty dollar mark. It is a great budget sound machine to aid you in your sleep without burning a hole in your pocket.

Otherwise, it comes complete with everything you might need from a sound machine: – a variety of available sounds, adjustable settings, an attractive casing, and a USB charger, which is such a huge plus for people who want a dual purpose device that will recharge them and their gadgets as well.

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