The Known Effects of White Noise to Babies

When a newborn comes into the household, sleep may be difficult not just for the new parents but also for the baby. To help a baby have better nights in terms of sleep, parents can try using a white noise machine.

White noise can be defined as the sounds used to mask other sounds that naturally occur in the environment. For example, if you reside in a city, white noise aids by blocking out the noises that come from traffic.

Why Moms Like White Noise

There are white noise machines that have been designed specifically for use by infants. They are equipped with heartbeat noises and instrumental lullabies that can make the baby feel calm and well-rested. Here are other reasons why mommies like white noise machines:

  • It is an easy, cheap, and an effective method of helping babies sleep
  • It helps to de-stress and calm babies, especially fussy ones
  • From research, it has been proven that white noise helps babies sleep and stay asleep longer


  • Aids babies in falling asleep

This is the greatest advantage of white noise. It works best for babies who fall asleep in places that are noisy outside bedtime. This means that your baby is accustomed to noisy places such that quiet environments may lead to the lack of sleep for the baby.

  • Helps mask noises from the household

White noise machines can help families with many children of different ages. For example, in the case of a baby who needs a nap, white noise blocks out any noises from the siblings, allowing the baby to sleep better.


  • Development of problems

Research carried out with white noise machines for babies proved that most of them cause hearing problems in the infants. It also led to risks of speech and language development delays. From this, it is recommended that the machines be placed 200 centimeters away from the baby’s crib. It is also advised to lower the machine’s volume.

  • Babies become white noise reliant

There have been reports of infants being able to sleep well during naps and at night only if white noise is consistently available. This becomes a problem in situations where the baby needs to sleep somewhere the machine is not available.

  • Not all babies enjoy white noise

White noise does not affect all babies—either positively or negatively—as different babies have various sleep needs. Therefore, to determine whether your baby requires white noise, you will have to experiment by trial and error. At each stage, do it safely.

How to Make Effective Use of White Noise Machines

First off, the noise should not be so loud but just loud enough. Keep it under 50 decibels, while also keeping in mind that it should only be loud enough to outdo outside sounds. Try different decibels to determine the best level for your baby.

Secondly, play the noise continuously during the baby’s sleep. If you prefer using a machine designed for that, consider one that does not require a timer to run because, with a timer for older babies, if the machine is turned off, the baby wakes up.

White noise is very safe provided that you are allowing the baby other quality sounds when he is awake. This involves reading, singing, and talking to him in order to aid his speech and language development.

Sounds are usually measured in terms of decibels. The recommended sound machine for white noise is apparently not more than 50 decibels, and white noise should be used for the shortest time period at the lowest volume.

Final Words

Specific sounds are used to encourage sleep for the baby despite the noise of the outside environment. Such sounds include soothing beach or rainforest sounds and the likes. White noise can be the sounds a baby experiences while in the womb such as blood flowing, mom’s muffled voice, mom breathing, or his own heart beating. As such, they are known to comfort the baby.

The most preferred and recommended method of introducing white noise to help a baby have a restful night is the use of a sound machine. These machines are portable, allowing you to take one with you wherever you and your baby go. Moreover, it is also very easy to adjust the machine’s volume to a safe setting. It also comes with a variety of sounds for you to choose from.

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